The Dublin Horse Show - What Makes It So Special?

August 11, 2023
The Dublin Horse Show - What Makes It So Special?
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If you’re not in the inner circle you might ask, "What makes showjumping still so special?"



This landmark event brings together a diverse array of riders, both local and international, alongside over 1,600 horses and ponies.

As the showjumping action unfolds over five enthralling days, it prompts us to ponder: what makes this sport so enduringly special?

Well, at its core, showjumping is more than a mere competition; it embodies the essence of teamwork.

The intricate bond between rider and horse, a cross-species collaboration, is palpable.

Those who have ever tried to guide a horse over a fence or onward in a certain direction understand the nuanced communication required. In a world progressively urbanised, this sport offers a rare communion with nature.

Amidst the elegant jumps and exhilarating rounds, the Dublin Horse Show also paints a canvas of exclusivity. The arena welcomes the rich, famous, and glamorous, offering a glimpse into the world of high-stakes equestrian competition.

From the offspring of renowned figures like Michael Bloomberg and Bill Gates to rock icon Bruce Springsteen's daughter, the arena echoes with a diverse tapestry of contenders.

But this event is more than a showcase of opulence; it's a celebration of local spirit. While global brands like Longines lend their support, local Irish businesses, like Lisney, also play a crucial role.

So, if you’ve not been, why not do something different and cheer, for our Irish contenders.

The Dublin Horse Show is on for five days, from Wednesday August 9th until Sunday August 13th 2022.

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