Evan Ferguson: The Heart of a Community, the Skill of the Premier League

August 14, 2023
Evan Ferguson: The Heart of a Community, the Skill of the Premier League
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From Local Community to Global Superstar


Our team has been embracing our first ever sports month and we’ve been keeping an eye on all recent Irish sporting activities.


We just so happened to stumble upon an article from NXGN, which ranked the 50 best wonder-kids in world football.


Close to the top of that list was our very own, Evan Ferguson.


Which is simply amazing to see just how valued one of our young talents is

And it’s incredible to see him being recognised on the global stage after an extremely promising first season leading the line for Brighton


Now, we at Guaranteed Irish are programmed to always look at the communities behind our extraordinary people, we deep-dived into Evan’s story and we were not surprised in the slightest…


You see, Evan began his footballing journey at St. Kevin’s Boys in Dublin,

A community he still recognises to this day as instrumental in his development from the moment Evan told one of his first coaches, Karl Lambe that he wanted to play in the Premier League.


The close-knit community of St. Kevin’s Boys around Evan Ferguson played a pivotal role in his ascent to Premier League football, providing unwavering support, mentorship, and a nurturing environment that allowed his talent to flourish.


Their collective belief in his potential, coupled with their encouragement and resources, undoubtedly contributed to him making his debut at the young age of 14 for Bohemians in 2019


After a brief stint with Bohemians, not only has Evan fulfilled his Premier League at Brighton.


He’s also scoring consistently in the top flight and is already off to a great start scoring last Saturday against Luton Town.


And with every goal that follows (and we’re expecting a whole lot more than that)

We ask you to just think about that community where he started his journey. A community that fuelled his meteoric rise to prominence; and think of just how many more Evan’s we’d see burst on to the scene if we support the local communities behind the players.


When we support our local communities we are directly supporting and contributing to the creation of homegrown excellence, not just in sport, but in all aspects of art and business also.


So, this August make sure to support your local community and Look Out For The G.