Chloe Murray Blacknight

April 30, 2024
Chloe Murray Blacknight
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Chloe Murray of Blacknight talks about her career path 

Chloe Murray is the Marketing and Events Manager at Blacknight, where she's been working since 2016. With a foundation in English and History, Chloe furthered her expertise with a 1:1 postgraduate degree in Digital Marketing and Analytics. In her role at Blacknight, Chloe is not just a marketer; she is a bridge between complex technology and the community, helping people understand and embrace the digital landscape. Her strategies and campaigns are not only about promoting products but also about educating and empowering users to harness the power of the internet.   


Tell me a bit about your own role and background. 


I started working for Blacknight almost 8 years ago, with little to no knowledge of the tech industry having studied English and History in college. Quite quickly it was something I became very passionate about, and loved learning about the ins and outs of how the technology works to keep us online and connected. Learning on the job, I became interested in the marketing side of the business. I made the decision to go back to further my education and undertook a post graduate degree in Digital Marketing and Analytics.  A few years on, I’m now the Marketing and Events manager at Blacknight, and part of my role is not only to market to our customers but to try communicate to them the value of being online and what it could mean for their business. Although the core of Blacknight is technology, our job as marketeers is to bridge that gap between traditional and digital, and to help our customers grow their businesses by thriving online.  


What are some examples of unconventional paths to the tech sector? 


If I look around me in Blacknight (when I’m not working from home!), you see people that have come from all different backgrounds. Sure, we have the web developers and technical engineers but they only make up part of Blacknight. If you think of someone on our accounts team, they are not necessarily from a technical background but they are all great at what they do and keep the core of the business running. Similar to that, our sales and support staff have managed to work hard to not only understand the technology, but also to sell it, support it and our customers while thriving in their roles. The tech industry can move so quickly, so we are all always learning, and part of that keeps staff engaged, but also in some ways levels the playing field if everyone is learning about a new product of service at the same time. It’s important to remember that although of course we need the technical team, we also need all those other roles within the business so it can function and be successful. Sometimes when we think of people who work in the tech sector, we forget that even tech businesses need to have departments that are the backbone of any business.  

How can non-tech experience be leveraged within a tech role? 


Leveraging non-tech experience is something that we continuously do in Blacknight. To effectively communicate with our customers it’s key that our non-technical staff have some touchpoint before anything is sent to our clients. In doing this, it allows us to translate the ‘technical jargon’ into something that can easily be understood. We use this across various aspects of communication, be it on the phone, email or through our marketing material. It all comes back to who our customers are, and ensuring they have a good experience with our brand.  


What are the biggest challenges when it comes to bridging the gap between tech and non-tech functions within a business? 


The biggest challenge when it comes to bridging the gap is trying to understand and extract the key information that is needed, and translating it into something that is useful. Keeping everyone on the same page, and focusing on the end task is something that each department will approach differently, working together to find the balance and the best way to move something forward can be challenging. For example, we recently launched a new product, during the process our engineering team are focused on getting the product to run smoothly and making sure all the infrastructure is in place etc. For someone in the billing team or customer support team they are focused on the customer and want to ensure that we have not only a process in place that allows the customer to easily make changes, but also the technical capability to make that change; for example, if a customer would like to upgrade their plan. Sometimes, when each department is focused on something, they easily forget how it can impact one another. To overcome challenges, it all boils back down to communication, and thinking of the bigger picture and how we can best serve our customers across each step of their journey.  


What can tech companies do to ensure they’re reaching the wider talent pool outside the tech experienced talent? 


Reaching a wider audience outside the tech industry is something that can be quite effective for tech companies, if you can appeal to the right audience. For certain roles, using the correct language and crafting inclusive job descriptions that focus on skills and potential rather than specific degrees or professional backgrounds can help broaden the reach. For many of our job roles, we take the approach that you don’t need to have a technical background, rather putting the focus on finding someone who has the right attitude and is willing to learn. Additionally, adopting skills-based hiring practices allows companies to assess candidates on their ability to perform job-related tasks, rather than on their background alone. At the end of the day, people do business with people so once they have the right attitude and approach regardless of their background, they have endless opportunities within the tech industry.  




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