Try the New Plant Based ‘Chicken’ Fillet Roll Exclusively at Applegreen

January 10, 2022
Try the New Plant Based ‘Chicken’ Fillet Roll Exclusively at Applegreen
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Everyone knows a chicken fillet roll fanatic and most people have tried the Irish lunch staple at least once in their life. Then, you have the casual comparison of whose toppings are better over lunch and if toasting it is even socially acceptable. Well, Guaranteed Irish member Applegreen is bringing you a whole new variety of chicken fillet roll to compare notes on.


Applegreen have just announced the launch of their Chicken-Free Fillet Roll, a plant-based alternative to the deli counter favourite. This new addition to the Applegreen Bakewell Deli was created in collaboration with award-winning, Irish brand ‘Plant-It’, and will compliment Bakewell Deli’s award-winning Vegan Sausage Roll and Hummus & Falafel wrap. The Chicken-Free Fillet recipe was carefully curated to mimic the southern fried crumbly texture of a typical chicken fillet and is enriched with minerals and vitamins. If you don’t think these benefits are reason enough to go into Applegreen to try this new, nourishing lunch option, it’s also 100% Irish. Providing high quality, locally sourced food and beverage to the consumer in transit has been a key pillar of Applegreen’s success.


The diversification of diets among the Irish population and increasing uptake of veganism and vegetarianism is gaining popularity and showing no signs of slowing down. Recent findings by Bord Bia show a diversification in our eating patterns which is set to rise. In Ireland, 16% of people follow a flexitarian diet, 8% follow a vegetarian diet while 2% are vegans. Health and sustainability remain core drivers of these dietary specificities1. Such trends are not surprising, as we see veggie and plant-based offerings are becoming more mainstream when you look around your local supermarkets, cafés and restaurants.


Though plant-based offerings have become more mainstream, convenience and availability remain a challenge, particularly if you’re looking for a quick lunch in transit. Now that Ireland’s leading forecourt retailer Applegreen is expanding their plant-based offering, you can leave aside all that food prep and enjoy a delicious Chicken-Free Fillet Roll. 1