Embracing the New Year with a sense of Community and Purpose

January 04, 2022
Embracing the New Year with a sense of Community and Purpose
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The new year is upon us, and with that comes time to reflect on 2021 and set new goals for the year ahead. Here at Guaranteed Irish, we are setting goals collectively to better ourselves as a community and improve our local economy.


Given the challenging year our local businesses endured, the pandemic has given us the opportunity to reconnect with our communities, leading Irish consumers to support local businesses and increase their spending on Irish made products. Guaranteed Irish is asking customers to continue shopping locally in 2022, and if it’s something you haven’t already considered, now is the time to start!


The intention to buy local is prominent, however Guaranteed Irish is urging consumers to look beyond gifting. Guaranteed Irish business members across multiple industries provide excellent opportunities for consumers to support local in their day-to-day activities in 2022.


When setting new year’s resolutions and new goals, starting with the ‘why’ and rooting out the motivation behind your new goal will make it easier to commit. With that in mind, let’s look at some great motivators to buy local.


1. A Sustainable Future for All: By keeping it local, you are hugely reducing transportation miles and reducing your carbon footprint. An additional advantage to this is that your package will arrive a lot sooner, given the shorter supply chain.


2. Community Spirit: By supporting local, you are giving back to your community and with that comes an opportunity to get to know your local Irish business owners and employees. This guarantees a superior customer service and friendly faces who will always go the extra mile for you.


3. Boosting the Economy: Every €20 spent is worth €100 to the local economy. Once money is spent locally, it circulates as producers will source from local suppliers, outsource functions to other Irish corporations and buy from one another.


4. Local Products and Services means Better Quality: Whether it’s a product or a service, Irish producers are recognised for their superior quality and workmanship. With quality comes longevity, meaning you get your value for money.


5. Creating Local Employment: With a thriving community and economy due to your efforts of buying locally comes more openings for employment. Money is circulating where you spend it, and everyone wins!


It’s time we keep our spending local and guide our decisions with a sense of purpose and community. Let’s make a collective New Year’s resolution to buy Irish at least once a week. While doing your grocery shop, make sure you visit Guaranteed Irish shops such as SuperValu, Centra, or Applegreen and have a look at your product labels. If a birthday is coming up, give yourself a little time to visit GuaranteedIrishGifts.ie to find 100s of local gift ideas. If you’re building a new home, find all your quality suppliers and construction needs at GuaranteedIrishHouse.ie.


There are opportunities at our fingertips every single day to support local business, let’s take them together because as you know, we are #AllTogetherBetter.