Top Turkey Tips from Meadows & Byrne

December 12, 2022
Top Turkey Tips from Meadows & Byrne
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Get in the Christmas Spirit with Guaranteed Irish Members Meadows & Byrne, as they share some Top Turkey Tips for the Big Day.


  1. Firstly, and most importantly, make sure the roasting tin is big enough! You want to roast that bird on a bed of vegetables to ensure air flow underneath for even cooking.  The Meadows & Byrne Masterclass Roasting Pan is the perfect all-rounder pan.
    baking tray
  2. A basted bird is a better bird. A good glaze and regular basting will make sure that your turkey takes on a rich brown colour without overcooking
  3. Invest in a good thermometer to ensure safe cooking. You want an internal temperature of 74c at the thickest part of the thigh to make sure the meat is cooked through fully. Check out the Meater Wireless Meat Thermometer - the first truly wireless smart meat thermometer - which will help you cook your food to perfection every time.
  4. Make sure you rest the bird after cooking. This will allow the juices to redistribute back into the meat, meaning nothing is lost on the carving board. 
  5. Serve in style. You'll want a decent sized platter to show off the most beautiful bird you will cook all year. We recommend this Meadows & Byrne porcelain Oval Turkey Platter. Or get a bit more festive with the Forest Friends Dinnerware Collection.
    forest friends-1
  6. Consider carving the meat away from the table and serving fully plated. For this you'll need a great carving board such as this Joseph Joseph Cut & Carve board: a multi-function chopping board boasting non-slip feet and soft-grip sides.
  7. Don't forget the sides. They are just as important a part of the festive feast, so ensure they are served in beautiful dishes. Meadows & Byrne have the perfect dishes to suit every taste and menu, such as our Classic Serving Dishes and Greta Two Section Bowls.




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