The Rise of Irish Fashion – Designs on success

January 26, 2024
The Rise of Irish Fashion – Designs on success
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Irish Fashion: An opportunity to showcase creativity and entrepreneurship. 

Irish fashion – from tradition to global trendsetter – is a celebration of rich history, design, creativity, and entrepreneurial spirit. As we gear up for the prestigious Guaranteed Irish Business Awards Gala in March 2024, it presents us with an opportunity to showcase the best of Irish design, from formal wear to accessories, and handbags to bowties.


While celebrating business excellence, it's important we "do as we preach," so we're calling everyone attending this year to consider #WearingIrish. This call supports designers and makers of clothing, accessories, and beauty – so there's no excuse.

Fast Fashion Falls out of Favour  

Sustainable clothing is a hot topic, the fashion industry is changing and we can be very proud of the companies in Ireland working in this industry.  


Supporting Irish entrepreneurs in the fashion industry is crucial for building a stronger economy and creating more employment opportunities. By choosing to wear Irish fashion, we are not only showcasing our style and individuality but also supporting local businesses and designers. 


Entrepreneurs play a vital role in driving innovation, creating jobs, and contributing to economic growth. The fashion industry in Ireland is no exception, with talented designers and brands continuously pushing boundaries and bringing fresh perspectives to the industry. By supporting these entrepreneurs, we are helping to foster a thriving fashion ecosystem that benefits everyone across our cities, towns, and rural Ireland, as shown by Heidi Higgins, who works out of her home in Laois but sells across the world. You can find her designs nationwide including Arnotts, Dublin.


Another member, Sharon Hoey (AndTate), stocks well-known signature shirts, dresses, and separates perfect for formal occasions.

“Our crafting is important to us and makes our brand a little bit
different,” says Sharon Hoey (AndTate). 

After extensive research, AndTate uncovered the superior quality of cotton used in men's shirts, leading them to adapt these key qualities for the female market. What began as a focus on shirts has evolved into a diverse collection, offering everything from elegant evening attire to versatile separates and chic one-pieces. Their renowned white and black tailored shirts, designed for durability and lasting quality, have become cherished staples for those seeking timeless elegance.


Embracing Irish fashion goes beyond just wearing stylish clothes. It's about making Ireland a better place through fashion and creating a positive impact on society. After all what we wear everyday is our “armour” as we go to do battle in our work, homelife or special events. It instils confidence and security- and what better way to feel secure than being supported by our own. Apart from being a great conversation piece, it can be quite empowering.


By supporting Irish designers and brands, we are contributing to a more sustainable and ethical fashion industry. A nod goes to Kalo Bags who are leading the way in the sustainable space through vegan leather bags, created from the waste from apple juice and the lining made from recycled plastic bottles.



Embracing Irish Fashion: Making Ireland a Better Place 

Furthermore, supporting Irish fashion is not just about the economic impact but also about being kinder to the community and welcoming new people in, which companies such as Irish Socksciety has benefited from. By embracing Irish culture and heritage through fashion, we are creating a more inclusive and diverse industry that celebrates creativity and individuality that broadens all our minds. Fashion and design has the power to bring people together and bridge cultural divides. By wearing Irish, we can be role models and inspire others to embrace their own heritage and culture while operating out of Ireland which makes us #alltogetherbetter.


Many Irish fashion brands prioritize sustainability and ethical practices, using eco-friendly materials, reducing waste, and supporting fair trade, like Little Bliss, by Anna Daly, and Aoife Lifestyle. By choosing to wear Irish fashion, we are making a conscious choice to support these efforts and promote a more environmentally friendly industry.


While not all fashion pieces can be produced in Ireland, nor can all materials be sourced locally, supporting Irish fashion and design is a commendable initiative. By promoting brands designed and operating out of Ireland, we contribute to job creation and economic growth.


Irish fashion designers are renowned for their commitment to quality craftsmanship and the use of world-class materials like Irish linens and tweeds (John Hanly, Neoma, Celtic Tweed), which are envied globally. With designers dressing global leaders and gracing red carpets- isn't that something to shout about?


Let's continue to celebrate Irish fashion in 2024 and beyond, just as we have successfully promoted our craft, tech, and food sectors. Join us each week as we spotlight our Guaranteed Irish Fashion and Design members, showcasing their talent and creativity. Send us your high-quality images to be featured!


In support of Irish fashion, Guaranteed Irish will proudly be #WearingIrish at the upcoming Guaranteed Irish Business Awards on March 21st. Join us in making a positive change and celebrating this Irish fashion moment together!


#WearingIrish #Sustainability #AllTogetherBetter #GuaranteedIrish

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