Pharmacies increase retention with e-commerce specialists, Magico

January 17, 2022
Pharmacies increase retention with e-commerce specialists, Magico
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Since March 2020, consumers have gravitated to online shopping in record numbers. New shopping behaviours have been embraced and maintained throughout the pandemic, and according to Forbes this eCommerce boom will intensify in the pharmacy sphere.


The global healthcare e-commerce market is estimated to reach $435.8 billion in revenue by 2025, therefore it is clear that there is both a want and a need for online health products and services among businesses and the general consumer population". 


So, what can Irish pharmacies do to strengthen their retail business and increase profitability, in 2022?


Omnichannel Retail

1. Integrate your 'bricks and mortar' and 'eCommerce’ strategies into one framework, assessing how your online channels can maximise customer footfall instore.
2. Utilise online booking services such as booking Flu/Booster vaccine appointments and submit a Prescription Request as effective methods of engagement, to drive customers into your physical store.

3. Signpost your ‘domain name’ / buy online, delivery and click and collect options instore and offer your customers the value and ease of shopping online outside of normal store opening hours.

4. For multi-outlet pharmacies, facilitating customers in checking product availability online, across all stores secures a visit.

5. Integrated Gift and Loyalty programmes are major incentives allowing customers the ease and convenience of redeeming vouchers and points online and instore.


Customer Retention

1. Develop a 12 month digital marketing plan that encapsulates customer acquisition and retention strategies.

2. Utilise digital marketing tactics such as Paid Search Advertising, Paid Social Media Advertising, Google Shopping and Influencer Channels to acquire new customers and reach those outside of the geographic reach of your physical store.

3. Turn customers acquired through paid media into repeat sales by having multiple quality touchpoints e.g. email, sms, social media, online store/instore messaging and offline advertising featuring a consistent message.
4. Offer attractive incentives instore to opt customers into your email marketing or SMS database.

5. Always go that extra mile with trusted delivery and returns terms, high quality environmentally friendly packaging and exceptional customer service.


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