Q&A Profile: Tommy Lees, Commercial Director of TTM Healthcare

January 18, 2022
Q&A Profile: Tommy Lees, Commercial Director of TTM Healthcare
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TTM Healthcare was founded in 2002 by Brian Crowley with a drive to disrupt the ‘expected’ service of the recruitment industry by delivering something exceptional. Today TTM Healthcare is globally recognised and sends 2,500 people to work in temporary roles in healthcare and social care markets across Ireland and the UK weekly, and placing 300 people in permanent roles each month. Commercial Director Tommy Lees tells us what differentiates TTM Healthcare, how it has succeeded and its holistic approach to Total Talent Management.


Can you tell us a bit about TTM Healthcare?

TTM are specialists in healthcare talent management. We provide Total Talent Management solutions to health and social care organisations in Ireland and in the UK. We work across public, private, and voluntary sectors, and our partners trust us to deliver specialist healthcare talent solutions in line with their changing needs. We are Ireland’s largest specialist health and social care recruitment company and are immensely proud to be fully Irish owned. Our Total Talent Management approach means we are best placed to offer a holistic manpower management solution to our partners.

Our people are key to our continued success, with a deep understanding of the healthcare sector and the challenges our customers face, alongside our track record in delivering results. TTM employees a team of 140 people across Ireland and the UK. Our HQ is in Ennis in the West of Ireland, and our UK division, powered by a team of 20 specialist recruiters, is based in our thriving Manchester office. We are a Deloitte Best Managed Company and have frequently been awarded Best Healthcare Recruitment Agency as well as Recruitment Agency of the Year by the National Recruitment Federation.


What sets TTM Healthcare apart from its competitors as a recruitment company?

We are dedicated specialists in healthcare talent management. This is our only focus and sets us apart from competitors. No one knows healthcare like we do, because we are totally dedicated to it from a 360-degree point of view. We know the challenges of the healthcare sector, its pain points and how we can make a difference.

 We offer a full set of services and talent across all fields of healthcare, from Doctors and Nurses to Allied Health Professionals to care staff and everything in between. We also source non-medical support staff into medical settings, such as IT, admin support, porters, and accountants.


Another key differentiator is our access to international talent. Our International Workforce Solutions division acts as a gateway to a wealth of talent abroad. We work with over 50 affiliated suppliers across India, Philippines, UAE, Australia, New Zealand, USA, and Europe, handling the complete process from start to finish.

Many of our partners outsource some or all their talent hiring requirements as they don’t have the time or expertise to fulfil this task internally. We relieve this burden by offering end-to-end management of the process through our Healthcare Process Outsourcing. This includes sourcing the talent or putting in place a total recruitment solution to implement internally. This process is hugely time and cost effective, helping partners get on with running their business.    


We’re incredibly people focused. Our mission is about Enhancing the Quality of People’s Lives and helping them reach their full potential. We are interested in our partners and our talent, in really understanding the experiences of those we work with and putting them at the centre of everything we do. At the same time, we look after, promote, and progress our own staff through strong career planning, achievement recognition and making work a place you want to come to every day. We always say TTM isn’t just a company. It’s a way of working, an energy, and a culture that you feel when you walk through the door. 


What are the challenges that your business faces, if any, as a result of Covid-19?

Like all businesses, we had to respond rapidly and change the way we work. To keep everyone in our network safe, we seamlessly transitioned our teams to working from home within a matter of days. All employees received ergonomic assessments and were supplied with the technical equipment they needed, including appropriate desks and chairs. Our whole team were working remotely at 48 hours’ notice: a testament to the agility and flexibility of TTM.


In response to the extra support required because of Covid-19, we offered our agency team access to our Employee Assistance Programme (EAP), facilitated by Laya Healthcare. This provided our people with confidential counselling services for immediate advice and support, across a range of areas such as stress, anxiety, grief and bereavement counselling.

We also identified a need to manage the wellness of our tribe, so we introduced a special initiative called MyNow (Mind Yourself Now) to help every member of our team maintain their own physical, psychological and emotional well-being, by using a red, amber, and green check-in system. 


What made TTM Healthcare decide to become members of Guaranteed Irish?

 We are born out of Clare and proud to be Irish. Our purpose has always been to Power the Potential of people and it starts right here at home, as a local company committed to Irish provenance. We truly wear our Irishness as a badge of honour on the world stage. We have proven how our people can step up to the plate and truly make a difference. Throughout the pandemic we have been a key supplier to the HSE, the NHS and HSC as well as many private companies and those in the not-for-profit sector. We’re proud of the major impact we have made, as an Irish company, in the fight against Covid-19.


We believe Guaranteed Irish is an endorsement of our commitment in the domestic market and internationally. 


Can you tell us about emerging trends in the healthcare sector in Ireland?

Of course, there will always be a need for ‘last minute’ staffing, but we are seeing a trend towards longer-term placement, either on a temporary, contract or permanent basis. Partners have begun reorganising their internal structures to maximise their effectiveness by focusing on permanent roles.

At the same time, we are seeing an increased demand for International Workforce solutions. In tandem with this we are seeing increased demand for non-clinical roles right across the healthcare market, covering professions from hospital management administration, and cleaners to accountants and IT professionals.

New trends are emerging in specialised areas of healthcare, such as nursing. Many Nurses are seeking alternative working environments that move toward a regular 9 to 5 working day. Others are looking for opportunities that allow them to work from home as such as in Community Nursing.


What’s next for TTM Healthcare?

TTM are growing significantly as a company. In 2021 our team grew with the addition of 50 new people, with an additional 40 open roles budgeted for 2022.

We constantly look at new ways of giving back to our internal team and agency staff,  and in 2021 we launched our TTM Rewards programme. This initiative, in collaboration with leading Irish companies, offers our team members a wealth of benefits, savings and offers on day-to-day expenses, as well as discounts on hotels and getaways. Throughout 2022 we plan to grow the scale of our TTM Rewards programme by partnering with even more national brands to offer meaningful discounts to our community.

Our Healthcare Process Outsourcing division is of significant strategic importance in 2022 and beyond, as we keep pace with the ever-evolving needs of our partners and support them in new ways. We expect our international workforce solutions business to continue its current growth trajectory, while the placement of people in non-healthcare roles in medical settings is an area in which we will continue to invest.


If there are clients and talent out there that want to work with TTM, what should they do?

We always say partnerships starts with sitting down and having a conversation. So get in touch with our team today – just visit www.ttmhealthcare.ie


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