Torc Candles reposition themselves with an emphasis on quality & sustainability.

October 27, 2022
Torc Candles reposition themselves with an emphasis on quality & sustainability.
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Torc Candles

Torc Candles have been established since 1968 and produce luxury candles - specialising in large 4-wicks - as well as a range of diffusers. With 50 years’ experience under their belts, they have an expert team of chandlers and perfumers to help them deliver only the best products. Every product is made with love!


Over the last two years, Torc have re-positioned themselves in the market by developing a brand new luxury range, with an emphasis on quality and sustainability. They source only the best natural waxes and 100% cotton wicks. A year was spent in perfecting their fine, bespoke fragrances for their new collection. Torc’s candles and diffusers are all made here in Ireland in Carlow.



Torc Necklace

The name comes from the Torc necklace, which was worn around the necks of Celtic warriors in battle. The necklace was a sign of wealth and status in Celtic culture, and by wearing one, you displayed your high rank to others.

The Torc also plays a part in Irish mythology and, in particular, the story of Morann the Arbiter, who wore a Torc around his neck to ensure his honesty and was seen as a symbol of purity, or ‘light’. The Torc is a major part of Irish history, culture, and heritage, so the company could think of nothing more perfect than it to represent them.

As part of their heritage, each of their candles aims to evoke feelings of home and happiness. Putting that into a candle is no easy task, but the company’s talented staff up for the challenge just like our Celtic ancestors who wore a Torc necklace into battle.




As part of the Torc sustainability initiative, the company took a look at their processes and how they could reduce waste and the use of plastic. As of 2022, they have reduced the amount of plastic used in Torc by 40%. To do this, they have greatly reduced the use of plastic wrapping, and changed their labels from plastic to paper.

Another way they are tackling sustainability in Torc is by ensuring all vehicles are electric. All boxes the company uses are recyclable and reusable. Torc are currently working on a sustainable collection that they are excited to showcase next year. The company are constantly improving their sustainability and hope to reduce their plastic use even more in the coming years. 


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