This Halloween Guaranteed Irish Gifts have you covered - No tricks, all treats!

October 24, 2023
This Halloween Guaranteed Irish Gifts have you covered - No tricks, all treats!
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This Halloween Guaranteed Irish Gifts have you covered - No tricks, all treats!  

Guaranteed Irish Gifts showcases the best of locally based businesses throughout the country with hundreds of gift ideas including homegrown beauty and skincare businesses. 

While you can explore our extensive collection at, we've handpicked some must-have items from Guaranteed Irish Businesses for your long weekend.


  1. Halloween Dog Bandana Woof Stuff1. Halloween Dog Bandana

Make your beloved pet a part of the Halloween festivities with Woof Stuff’s Halloween dog bandanas. These 100% cotton and polycotton reversible bandanas, crafted in Ireland, come in various sizes and fit comfortably around your pet's collar. No fuss - just slip your pet's collar through the top of the bandana.


  1. CBD for Pets Hemp Heros 2. CBD for Pets

This time of the year can be stressful for pets with fireworks and loud noises across the long weekend. Give you furry family member the support they need with Hemp Heros’ Salmon infused CBD oil. Available in multiple strengths for pets of all sizes, these CBD drops can help ease stress and anxiety in pets. The cold pressed CBD oils are also packed full of essential minerals, antioxidants, and Omega-3 & Omega-6 fatty acids which are essential for supporting your pets’ joints and immune system! 


  1. Dribbleboo Bandana Bib BabyBoo 3. Dribbleboo Bandana Bib

This drool busting, rash avoiding, triple layered bandana bib is perfect for  baby’s first Halloween! The Dribbleboo Bandana Bibs have three layers to ensure that no matter how much your little one drools, their clothes, chest, and under chin will stay dry. You won’t need to change their bib every half an hour either! Each bib is made with 100% cotton front and back, and an inner fleece layer to ensure maximum absorption. With a variety of designs available on their website, be sure to check out their festive patterns just in time for Halloween! 


  1. Signature Eye Shadow Palette Ayu Cosmetics 4. Signature Eye Shadow

Dressing up this year? Add the final touches to your costume with the help of Ayu Cosmetics’ Signature Eye Shadow Palette. This palette of 5 eyeshadows is formulated with rich textures and intense pigments for a range of unique eye looks. Create endless looks with this carefully curated collection of colours and textures that are designed to smoke, highlight, and contour. Perfect for creating a full glam moment or creating a creepy Halloween look. 


  1. Jasmine & Dark Amber Candle Torc 5. Jasmine & Dark Amber Candle

If you plan on having a cosy weekend at home this year, why not treat yourselfto a candle from the picturesque village of Borris in Co Carlow. Bring warmth and comfort into your home with Torc’s Jasmine & Dark Amber fragrance. This unique scent blends smooth amber notes, bark, white floral blooms, and wild jasmine to create a sophisticated aroma that will remind you of well-loved books and comfortable oversized chairs. This is the perfect fragrance if you are looking to add warmth and a feeling of comfort to your home. All Torc candles are a blend of natural ingredients, vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, and recyclable. 


  1. Fizzy Fruit Flavoured Jellies Big Bag Jellies 6. Fizzy Fruit Flavoured Jellies

It wouldn’t be Halloween without some treats! Big Bag Jellies are the perfect sweets for Halloween night, with all of their bagged jellies packed in Ireland. They have all options covered with Fizzy, Gummy, Bonbons, and Bites to choose from. Big Bag Jellies are available in Supervalu stores nationwide. 


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