Runway 28 Gin launches new 100% recyclable pouch

June 20, 2022
Runway 28 Gin launches new 100% recyclable pouch
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Runway 28 Gin have launched a new 50ml recyclable pouch this month. The Guaranteed Irish member has made a start on their sustainability journey with this alternative form of packaging, as both the body of the 50ml pouch and the cap are fully recyclable.


Co-founder MarieAnn Mc Loughlin Dwyer has a background in both aviation and product development. MarieAnn researched, studied and blended in collaboration with master distiller and recipe experts at Listoke Distillery in Co. Louth, to craft and create Runway 28 Premium Irish Gin.


In establishing Runway 28 Gin, MarieAnn wanted to celebrate and commemorate what it means to be Irish and to highlight our unique nature and tradition, to adapt, forge forward, and get creative, especially in the face of massive disruption.


With the recent launch of their 100% recyclable packaging, Runway 28 Gin have now discontinued their original 50ml mini plastic bottle as they strive to become more sustainable.


MarieAnn has made her own personal sustainability journey and says that the process of designing sustainable packaging “has come with knowledge, and a positive realisation that the world is becoming more self-aware of the ramifications of climate change, landfill, and the effect pollution is having on all species, including ourselves, and especially sea-life.”


MarieAnn recently took an online Environmental Awareness course to gain insight into the redesign of their packaging. “I think this definitely helped with my understanding of where our global governments will be taking action, how the workplace can have an important role in creating awareness and impact, and how small actions can make a difference.”


The new Runway 28 Gin 50ml pouches are aimed at the Travel Retail market, which has traditionally used plastic or glass mini bottles. MarieAnn reflects on the experience stating, “Practices are hard to change, but not impossible!”.



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