New Guaranteed Irish Members: May 2023

May 15, 2023
New Guaranteed Irish Members: May 2023
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We are delighted to announce more new members joining Guaranteed Irish in May, 2023.



Sharon Hoey

Sharon Hoey create and style bespoke wedding dresses, while also showcasing the most beautiful designer collections available. Sharon is the designer behind the name. As creative director Sharon is responsible for all that makes the SH brand unique


and tate

Another of Sharon Hoey's creations: AndTate is a partnership between herself and Sharon Hoey, a partnership that was established in 1985. Sharon Hoey is the highly regarded designer behind the eponymous fashion label, a brand renowned for luxury, simple silhouettes and beautiful craftsmanship. Richard Tate is the business partner who developed and expanded the brand that has enjoyed such critical and commercial success since its creation.


Caroline Duffy

Caroline Duffy makes & designs colourful pieces of artwork which create vitality, happiness and intrigue to those who see them. Caroline's passion is to surround everyday lives with colour and pattern, all inspired by nature.
Nature is everywhere – it inspires us, it energises us, it keeps us grounded. Put simply, Caroline wants to create pieces which make people smile, feel good and make them think differently.



Transcribe is the Galway based transcription service of choice for medical, legal and industry professionals throughout Ireland. Their easy-to-use, accurate and secure service supports busy professionals to save time, increase turnaround on communications and relieve their administrative burden.


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