How to Order the Allgo Mastercard Gift Card

November 20, 2023
How to Order the Allgo Mastercard Gift Card
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Allgo Mastercard Gift Card; Order online today.

The Allgo Mastercard Gift Card is the use-anywhere gift card that gives you the ultimate freedom to choose where you spend – in-store, online and even abroad. And it can be bought by companies for their Irish employees completely tax-free up to €1,000 on the Small Benefit Scheme.

Ordering Mastercard Gift Cards has never been more straightforward. Regardless of if you choose our Physical or Digital Mastercard, the order process is quick and easy for both!


Place your Order Online

  1. Place your physical gift card order here or Digital+ gift card order here. 
    You need to upload a spreadsheet of recipients with each order (download the spreadsheet template from the order page).

  2. Receive Invoice by Email
    We will email you the invoice for your order, normally on the same day. The invoice will contain the bank details to pay into.

  3. Complete the Client Security Form
    First time customers only need to complete a short KYB (“Know Your Business”) online questionnaire. This is required for regulatory and security reasons.

  4. Pay Invoice by-
    a) Bank Transfer– your invoice will either contain a unique German IBAN
    b) Debit / Credit Card– your invoice will contain a Stripe link to pay securely online (3% fee applies).
    c) Cheque or Cash

  5. Order Processing & Dispatch
    - Standard Orders are processed ready for dispatch within 4 working days of invoice payment receipt.
    - Express Orders are processed ready for dispatch within 24 hours of payment receipt. For physical cards, bulk delivery of both standard and express orders is by overnight courier. Digital cards are emailed directly to each recipient.

  6. Activation

Physical Mastercards

ALL Mastercard Gift Cards must be registered and activated online by the card recipient.

To activate your Physical Gift Card –

  1. Click ACTIVATE MY CARD on
  2. Click Login or Create Account
  3. In your account, go to My Cards and click Add a card.
  4. Enter your Card Details and your Last Name exactly as it appears on the card carrier.

Full activation instructions can be found on

Digital Mastercards

Digital+ cards are activated by downloading the Get My eCard App to your mobile. Full activation instructions can be found on


For Allgo Physical Mastercard to arrive in time for Christmas, you must ORDER & PAY by Monday December 18th.

For Allgo Digital Mastercards, you must ORDER & PAY by Wednesday December 20th.


Order online at

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