Guaranteed Irish Member Allgo launches sustainable new Digital Gift Card

October 07, 2022
Guaranteed Irish Member Allgo launches sustainable new Digital Gift Card
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Guaranteed Irish Member Allgo have just launched their new Mastercard Digital Gift Card, in time for Christmas rewards.


Who Are Allgo?

Allgo is an award-winning incentive marketing company and Guaranteed Irish Member Business. The company works to help clients engage, motivate and reward people to achieve great results. The company is 100% Irish owned and based in Dublin.

Allgo operate an incredible Employee Recognition Programme. This is a points-based platform that manages employee recognition activities and helps embed company values and culture while also bringing appreciation for good work to the surface. Users can utilise the Allgo Recognition platofmr to manage Peer Recognition, Manager Awards, Birthday Rewards, Performance Incentives, and more.

Allgo are also well known for their Tax-Free Mastercard Gift Cards. Under Irish Revenue’s Small Benefits Scheme, employers can reward employees with a non-cash bonus tax-free each year. With the announcement of Budget 2023, this limit has been raised from €500 to €1000 from Christmas 2022.


Allgo Digital Gift Card

Instead of buying physical plastic cards to gift to staff, employers now have the option to choose a more sustainable option. With the launch of their new Digital Mastercard Gift Card, Allgo have aligned them even better with Guaranteed Irish goals for Sustainability.

Available to order now, the digital gift card offers ease of distribution by email and comes in 2 versions: Allgo Online Only, and Allgo Digital+

Allgo Online Only

The Allgo Online Only digital gift card can be spent online immediately upon receipt of the card email. However, it cannot be spent in-store or added to a mobile wallet.

Allgo Digital+

The Allgo Digital+ gift card can be spent online and can be added to Google Pay or Apple Pay digital wallets for use for in-store purchases.

Both digital card versions are emailed directly to the individual end recipient and can include personalised messages. There is no wait time for delivery and the digital nature means there is no plastic, paper, or any excess waste whatsoever, making the Allgo Digital Gift Cards the perfect sustainable gift for employers this Christmas.


For more information on pricing and ordering, visit


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