Guaranteed Irish Member 'a o i f e' launch The Educational Programme with Healthy Seas

October 24, 2022
Guaranteed Irish Member 'a o i f e' launch The Educational Programme with Healthy Seas
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Guaranteed Irish Member a o i f e ® ( is rolling out an educational programme designed for children aged 6 – 18 with their partners Healthy Seas in the Republic of Ireland. The educational programme aims to address and create awareness of the pressing environmental issues, and this innovative brand brings these issues to the classroom using multi-sensory positive methodologies. Possessing a pedagogical acumen together with her design and architectural background, Aoife Rooney delivers an informative, educational programme with a goal to educate, help raise questions and bridge links to complex matters in an intriguing and visually attractive manner.


The programmes can be implemented indoors or outdoors, in the school or an external venue, i.e. beach pavilion, informative booths, cultural centre, school fairs, or museum, for example. The programme includes: informative presentations explaining the topics of marine litter, ghost fishing, ghost nets, the circular economy and the link to climate change. Fun games and arts & crafts activities extend the learning experience making learning more enjoyable and memorable.


a o i f e ® is a circular fashion brand designing and handcrafting accessories from regenerative resources while assisting to restore our natural resources. They align themselves and their activities to support the UN achieve its Sustainable Development Goals ( SDGs).


During Spring/Summer 2022, a o i f e ® exhibited at the Museum of Design, Atlanta, US, featuring many international designers using regenerative and systemic design approaches, like cradle-to-cradle and biomimicry that inform design principles. From fashion to works ranging from large scale architectural projects to everyday products, the exhibition provided real-world actions that everyone can take to address climate change. 


This programme helps to align a o i f e ® even closer with Guaranteed Irish's goals for promoting sustainability. a o i f e ® is a supporting partner of Healthy Seas, and for every product a o i f e ® sells, they donate a portion of the profits to Healthy Seas, to help them continue to clean the ocean and to provide educational programmes.


Learn more about a o i f e ® on their website 


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