Guaranteed Irish calls for Irish businesses to ‘act’ on their sustainability journey

May 25, 2022
Guaranteed Irish calls for Irish businesses to ‘act’ on their sustainability journey
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KPMG Sustainable Futures, Chupi and IDA Ireland support the potential of Ireland as a global leader in sustainability.


Guaranteed Irish hosted their Professional Services Forum yesterday in the impressive KPMG Ireland venue, Platform X, in Dublin’s Docklands. The event, sponsored by KPMG, had a theme of “Sustainability – Why Choose Ireland?” and touched on the potential Ireland has as a corporate leader in sustainability. Guaranteed Irish members were invited to the event to hear from experts in the field of corporate sustainability which included Shane O’Rielly, Director of KPMG Sustainable Futures, Chupi Sweetman, CEO of Chupi, and Joseph Collum of IDA Ireland’s Green Economy department.


Bríd O’Connell, CEO of Guaranteed Irish, welcomed Irish business leaders to the event and facilitated the panel discussion on the day. The highly engaging event encouraged a varied and expert led discussion on supporting local jobs and the local community, implementing circular economic practices and creating a green portfolio in corporate Ireland.


The key takeaways from the event highlighted the ever-increasing pressures on businesses in Ireland, with customers and employees demanding more climate consciousness from businesses. Customers and employees of Irish businesses will ultimately opt to buy and work for those who are on the journey to decarbonising. The ambitious targets in the national Climate Action Plan shows Ireland’s drive to be a world leader in this space. Ireland is well placed to be a renewable disruptor and with the talent, wind and support from Government, there is no reason why Ireland cannot become a global leader in this space- however we do have to start and move at pace.


Business sustainability is more than a ‘nice to have’, it is now essential. Businesses undertaking the sustainability journey were advised by the panel to continue doing their best to reach decarbonisation targets within their respected industries, as it is a process which requires monitoring and reporting to gain greater impact. Perfection is unattainable, it is progression that makes a difference. The key is that every business, regardless of size, ‘starts to act today to achieve better’.


Climate communications has a vital role to play to encourage better choices. Transparency in a business’s sustainability efforts creates a story for its employees and customers to engage in. It is important for businesses in Ireland to keep motivated and celebrate the ‘ small wins’ on a lifetime journey. Companies were advised to remember sustainability and reduced carbon production is a multi-year process and providing clear communication of the company sustainability plan and goals to employees and customers is part of the journey.


Multinationals in Ireland have a part to play in the national green economy as Ireland is seen as a positive location to work in, with corporations looking closely at national Climate Action Plans. Delivering on these targets will showcase Ireland as leaders in sustainability on a global scale. Multinationals in Ireland will be required to source materials locally, bringing opportunities for engagement to help them reduce their footprint.


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