Get the G under the tree- shop smart, sustainably and local this year.

November 10, 2023
Get the G under the tree- shop smart, sustainably and local this year.
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Get the G under the tree- shop smart, sustainably and local this year.  

This Christmas, consumers can help reduce their environmental impact and support employment and keep their communities alive by continuing to shop local and sustainable, says Guaranteed Irish boss, Bríd O’Connell.  


“It’s all about what you buy and where it comes from- it’s that simple. Look out for the G - if it’s not on it, make sure to look a little closer”. 


The message encouraging shoppers to “shop sustainably, buy Irish and support local” struck a chord with a lot of people over the last few years, especially during and post the pandemic.  Guaranteed Irish reminds us not to fall back into our old high consumption ways. We can do a lot to support local retailers, be it through craft, gift, beauty, fashion and food. There is such a broad range of contemporary quality producers now in the Irish market, there is no excuse not to “get the G under the tree”.


Guaranteed Irish’s survey taken earlier this year found that 77% of Irish shoppers feel it is important both to buy locally and to buy sustainable products. In the past year, 76% of Irish people say they have recycled more, 69% say they have reduced their use of single use plastic and 68% say they have reduced waste in their household.( Source: SuperValu, 2022).


Bríd O’Connell, CEO of Guaranteed Irish, said: “The research highlights Irish people’s commitment to reducing their environmental impact and shop local. We are encouraging customers to continue to buy quality and sustainable Irish products, in the lead up to Christmas. We can all play a part in contributing to a greener future, while supporting the local economy, jobs and local enterprise. emerged during the COVID-19 era as a lifeline for small craft, gift, and local artisan food businesses lacking an online presence. Initially conceived to navigate the challenges of lockdowns, this emergency portal has evolved into a comprehensive resource. Now, it's available to everyone, offering a curated selection of remarkable gift ideas from authentic businesses across Ireland.


Whether you're an individual consumer pressed for time or a corporate entity seeking unique gifts for clients, has you covered. Enjoy the perks of no tax, swift delivery, and a lineup of trustworthy businesses. It's the obvious choice for busy consumers. Moreover, businesses featured on the platform incur no commission charges, ensuring that all sales directly benefit the makers and producers, ultimately contributing to local communities.


For every €20 spent with a local maker or producer, it is worth €80 to the local economy.


Guaranteed Irish launched their Christmas Gift Guide this week and challenge every household to “Get the G under the tree” this Christmas. 




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