The Future of The Irish Food & Drink Industry Looks Promising...

June 12, 2023
The Future of The Irish Food & Drink Industry Looks Promising...
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The results are in...

And the future of the Irish Food & Drink industry looks promising.  
In a recent survey carried out by SuperValu, it was confirmed that “99% of consumers claim they buy Irish-made products with 95% of the participants being aware of the ‘Guaranteed Irish’ symbol”.  
Not only that, but “83% of them claimed they would be influenced to buy a product that displays this symbol on it”.  
When you combine this with a survey carried out in March which gathered that “79% of consumers agree that buying from Guaranteed Irish Businesses, promotes a sustainable economy” (Red C and Market Dynamics), the future looks bright indeed.   
A future that will see local business being supported, and sustainable practices being endorsed.  
So, how about that?  
For us as well as our members, this is simply fantastic news.  
But we can’t lie…  
We’re not totally surprised.  
You see, there has been quite a big influx in consumers wanting to support local businesses (particularly after the dreaded 'C' word).   
Many of our local businesses didn’t have it easy over the last few years so there is simply an overall increased satisfaction when consumers know their money is going straight to those businesses.  
Our trusted ‘G' helps consumers identify and ultimately purchase products and services created by those Irish businesses - something we’re extremely proud of.  
This is why Guaranteed Irish Food & Drink month is of the utmost importance to us.  
It would be fair to say that in many ways, the food & drink industry is the backbone of our local economy and knowing how much impact the ‘G' has had on consumer-buying choices reminds us of this month’s importance.  
It is with irrefutable confidence that we can proudly say the Guaranteed Irish symbol is directly contributing to the local communities whilst contributing massively to the Irish economy.  
The stats certainly don’t lie and it’s true that “every €20 spent locally is worth €100 to the Irish economy”.  
With the above in mind, we’re simply thrilled that our symbol encourages consumers to make #AllTogetherBetter choices for Ireland.  
So, next time you’re doing your grocery shop, look out for the ‘G' and take satisfaction in knowing that you can consciously support local Irish businesses.


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