Fónua and Mint+

July 05, 2024
Fónua and Mint+
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Fónua and Mint+ welcome The Minister of State for Public Procurement, eGovernment and Circular Economy, Ossian Smyth to its headquarters.


Fónua Enterprise division have contributed €1.2 million in trade-in value over 6 and a half years to one of their multinational clients.

Over 100,000 second-hand devices have been delivered through Mint+ channels since 2017.


Fónua, a proud member of Guaranteed Irish, welcomed the Minister of State for Public Procurement, eGovernment and Circular Economy, Ossian Smyth, to its headquarters today to celebrate its contribution to a circular economy.


Minister Smyth was welcomed by Fónua’s Head of Circular Economy Philip Wilson to its premises in North Dublin where he was given a tour of the Fónua facilities, learning more about its circular economy model and its sustainability efforts to reduce electronic waste through the repurposing of phones.


Fónua operates as a crucial engine in too businesses and individual consumers, promoting a circular economy through its innovative approach to phone repair, repurpose, and recycling. This not only benefits the environment but also provides significant value to businesses and consumers.


With over 25 years of experience in offering specialist supply chain solutions to the mobile phone industry, Fónua has developed an industry-leading Device Ownership & Supply Chain Optimisation Model. Fónua has long-standing direct procurement relationships with all of the key mobile device hardware original equipment manufacturers.


The Fónua Group consists of Fónua Ireland, Fónua UK, Fónua Enterprise, Fónfix and Mint+.


Fónua has recently been awarded the Office of Government Procurement contract for mobile phones and accessories, they are looking to provide a full suite of sustainable telecommunications solutions including device trade-in, repairs and pre-owned device sales.


Fónua specialises in holistic device lifecycle management, encompassing procurement, deployment, management, repair (Fónfix), trade-in, reuse (Mint+), and recycling services tailored for corporate environments. From initial device deployment to end-of-life management, Fónua ensures seamless integration and operational efficiency. It offers comprehensive repair solutions with Fónfix, utilising certified technicians and genuine parts to maintain device functionality. Through its trade-in programs, Fónua facilitates the upgrade process while promoting sustainability by refurbishing and reusing devices (Mint+).


Fonua's circular economy model caters to retailers, enterprises, and direct-to-consumer markets. A client of the Enterprise Division operating in 20 countries across Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, has generated over €1.2 million in trade-in value through Fónua's programs since partnering with Fonua. Over 36,000 second-hand devices have been traded back in and repurposed (sold through Mint+ channels) since 2017, delivering an economic benefit by recovering value from ageing stock and environmental benefit by not contributing to e-waste and giving their devices a second life


Mint+ specialise in providing high-quality pre-owned smartphones and mobile devices, with over 100,000 devices sold in Ireland. Its mission is to make technology accessible while promoting environmental sustainability by reducing electronic waste. Mint+ offers a wide range of devices from top brands such as Apple and Samsung, all backed by a commitment to customer satisfaction and exceptional support. Choosing Mint+ means enjoying significant savings, contributing to a greener planet, and receiving reliable, premium products.


Additionally, Fónua’s secure data erasure services ensure compliance with data protection regulations. Fónua 's commitment to environmental responsibility extends to effective recycling practices, minimising electronic waste and supporting a circular economy. Its approach enhances productivity, reduces costs, and promotes sustainable business practices across the device lifecycle.


Fónfix, Fónua’s sister company, is Ireland's largest manufacturer-approved mobile device repair service, renowned for its swift and dependable repairs across major brands such as Apple, Samsung, and Google. With a dedicated team of certified technicians and cutting-edge facilities, Fónfix guarantees each repair meets stringent manufacturer standards. From screen replacements to battery issues and in-warranty repairs, Fónfix provides a seamless, trusted solution, ensuring devices are restored to peak performance efficiently. 


Speaking at the site visit, Philip Wilson said “We're thrilled to welcome Minister Ossian Smyth to see firsthand how our circular economy model is making a real difference. At Fónua, giving old phones a new lease on life is our way of combining innovation with sustainability. It’s great to share our journey and celebrate the positive impact we’re making together."


Minister Smyth added “I am delighted to visit Fónua and see their innovative approach to sustainability in action. As a proud member of Guaranteed Irish, Fónua exemplifies how Irish companies can lead the way in the circular economy. Their commitment to repurposing electronic devices is a fantastic example of how we can reduce waste and protect our environment. It's inspiring to see a company making technology more sustainable and accessible, all while supporting the local economy.”


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Website: www.fonua.com



Website: www.mintplus.ie

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