Excellence Unveiled with Positive Retail -Part 2

December 08, 2023
Excellence Unveiled with Positive Retail -Part 2
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Excellence Unveiled: Exploring Company Culture and Retail Management Mastery with  Positive Retail

Welcome to the final instalment of the Excellence Unveiled series, where we unravel the exceptional realms of company culture and retail management. In Episode Three, we explore ECCO, a company that thrives on its people-first philosophy. Following that, in Episode Four, we delve into the insightful world of retail management with the seasoned expert, Mike Standen, the Retail Manager at McCauley Pharmacy, Mahon Point.

Episode Three: Exploring ECCO's Exceptional Company Culture

ECCO, with approximately 160 employees in Ireland, has emerged as a beacon of outstanding company culture. With a focus on understanding the career goals of their employees and investing in training, ECCO showcases an uncommonly high retention rate in the retail industry.


At ECCO Dún Laoghaire, the staff, boasting a collective experience of over 125 years, embodies the company's commitment to its people. ECCO attributes its success to a people-first, humanistic management style that prioritises employees' lives both within and outside the company. Employees are not just colleagues but integral members of a close-knit community.


The Deputy Retail Operations Manager, Samantha Watson, emphasises the importance of transparent communication as a key element in sustaining the culture at ECCO. Samantha consistently visits all 19 branches and conducts cluster calls to ensure exceptional communication throughout the company.


This festive season, why not visit Angela and Paula at the ECCO Dún Laoghaire branch to tap into their wealth of experience and expertise? Alternatively, follow them on Facebook or Instagram for updates.



Episode Four: Retail Management Insights with Mike Standen!

In Episode Four, we introduce a true industry expert, Mike Standen, the Retail Manager at McCauley Pharmacy, Mahon Point.


Managing a retail establishment, especially in a bustling pharmacy, demands a unique set of skills and a genuine affinity for people – qualities that Mike possesses in abundance. His insights shed light on the multifaceted role of a retail manager, highlighting the necessity of being adaptable and enjoying the work you do.


As Mike aptly puts it, "As a retail manager, you have to be a little bit of everything to everyone."


This seasoned professional shares his wisdom, emphasising the intrinsic connection between job satisfaction and performance. Through Mike's perspective, we gain valuable insights into the dynamic world of retail management.



Follow McCauley Pharmacy on Facebook or Instagram for updates.


As we wrap up the four-part Excellence Unveiled series, the tales of Base2Race, 53 Degrees North, ECCO, and Mike Standen stand as tributes to the excellence within Irish retail. This season, make a conscious effort to support your local retailers and ensure there's a "G Under The Tree" for everyone.


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