Beyond the Octagon: Irish MMA Fighters Shaping Strong Communities

August 25, 2023
Beyond the Octagon: Irish MMA Fighters Shaping Strong Communities
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In the heart of Ireland, a new breed of athlete is rising –


Irish MMA fighters who are not just conquering the world stage,


But also leaving an indelible mark on their local communities.


You see,


Bellator MMA once again is arriving into Dublin’s 3Arena next month


And the card?


Well, let’s just say it’s filled to the brim of our very own talent.


Brian Moore, Darragh Kelly, Ciaran Clarke, Sinead Kavanagh, Kenny Mokhonoana, Peter Queally and more are likely to be announced.


With so many of our very own athletes performing on this grand stage it’s safe to say that these fighters remind us that our potential knows no bounds.


As they rise, they elevate their neighbourhoods and serve as beacons of hope for those who need it most.


Their stories remind us that success is within reach for all who dare to dream

And just as we encourage you to support your local businesses and communities,

We also want you to look into supporting these individuals who give so much back to the communities that shaped them.


Let's not forget that MMA gyms are more than just training grounds – they're sanctuaries where members of the community find support, empowerment, and a sense of belonging.


And we at Guaranteed Irish are fully behind that sentiment as we aspire to be the exact same for our members.


So, next month on September 23rd, cheer on our very own athletes as they make our local communities proud.


Support Local Communities, Look Out For The G