An 'All Together Better' approach to Earth Day

April 22, 2022
An 'All Together Better' approach to Earth Day
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Earth Day, first marked in 1970, is a day that encourages people to do their bit and act more sustainably for the planet. Take some time today to reflect on your current habits and implement changes that can make a positive impact.


As the saying goes, “the greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it” – Robert Swan.


We can align with the national Climate Action Plan, using it as a guide and to incentivise greener ways of doing business. We all have opportunities to make a difference, starting today!

Let’s take collective action, as we always say we are #AllTogetherBetter.


Here are some simple hacks to be more climate conscious:


1. Buy from locally based businesses. We have a wide spread of small businesses based in Ireland with quality products in all sectors. Following lockdown, food trucks and outdoor food markets came into vogue, and they are here to stay! So go out and source your food locally. By doing so, you are directly shortening the supply chain and reducing transportation emissions.


Visit to find locally based businesses.


2. Educate Yourself. There is a wealth of knowledge out there, whether you find it online through YouTube, Podcasts or invest in an informative book. Knowledge is at our fingertips these days with many resources to break down the sustainable jargon and terminology that we might feel is out of our reach.


Visit who have a host of resources including their monthly newsletter, articles and thought leadership series.


3. Immerse yourself in the circular economy by reducing, reusing, and recycling. It goes without saying in 2022 this is easier than ever with secondhand clothes apps, charity shops selling pre-loved clothes, books and trinkets and reusable coffee cups in every town. You can give your item a second life and extend the planet’s life simultaneously.


The website is a great educational resource and will break down how we can move from a linear economy to a circular economy.


 4. Go paperless and plastic free. Find out if there is a zero-waste shop in your local area where you can bring your own Tupperware instead of buying food packaged in single-use plastic, switch to online bank statements, and bring a reusable bag when doing your shopping.


See Guaranteed Irish member’s wide range of planet friendly products as they offer their biggest discount yet in honour of Earth Day.


 5. Plan Food Consumption. Globally, more than one quarter of our food produced is wasted. Household food waste per household is at approximately 52 kg of food waste per person in Ireland which is estimated to cost each household around 700 euro per annum. Limit what you are buying to only what is necessary and plan ahead.


Visit member, who support people around the world to live more sustainably by growing their own food.


6. Reduce Energy Use. Conserving energy is something we must be more mindful of, as well as how we use energy which is something that we can benefit from both individually and collectively when it comes to energy security. 

The government will release tips this weekend emphasising how we can work together to apply these changes. Read more here.


Sustainability is at the heart of what we do at Guaranteed Irish, supporting locally based businesses and shorter supply chains. showcases our members and now features a sustainable section with gift ideas to suit every need. The portal encourages a shorter supply chain by providing local architects, construction, and materials for your building requirements.